Trese: Stories From The Diabolical Vol.1 by Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldisimo

Trese: Stories From The Diabolical Vol.1

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Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo

Welcome to The Diabolical!
My name is Hank. I'll be your bartender for tonight.
What will it be? Don't tell me. I know exactly what you want to drink.

So, what's on your mind? You have a story to tell?
You've come to the right place. I've got some interesting stories as well.

Have you heard the one about the ghost who walked in the bar?
The one who kept coming back, waiting for the arrival of that certain someone?

What about the guy who had coffee with his dead girlfriend?
Or the story of the spectral Christmas carolers?

And then there's that strange tale of all those senior citizens who watched the last full show and never came out.

No? Haven't heard those? Well, have another drink and I'll tell you all about it.